Black FDA Registered Kids Mask with KN95 Protection by VIDA - 5 pack

Kid-tested and doctor-approved, our US-made FDA Registered Kids Mask with KN95 Protection offers 95 - 99%+ efficiency and a 5-layer filtration system. Soft ear bands and a metal nose-piece ensure a snug fit. 

7” W x 5.25” L (not including the ear loops). Fit is dependent on face size and shape. Mask typically fits kids ages 5+. For kids 10+, consider our regular size

 * Packed in sets of 5

Manufactured in an FDA Registered facility. (FDA Owner/Operator #3017171515). Not FDA or NIOSH approved and not for medical use or industrial use. Designed for consumer use only - do not use for protection in a surgical or clinical setting. Does not provide a liquid protection barrier. Masks are personal use items and cannot be refunded.

US-Made, KN95 Level Protection

Produced using the same materials and following the same process and testing standards as KN95 masks, but manufactured in the United States, not China.


Exceeds KN95 standards with particle filtration efficiency greater than 94% (Nelson Lab Study Number 1342900-S01). FDA Registered - FDA Owner/Operator #3017171515


Soft, skin-friendly material and extra room around the mouth to allow for easier breathing and talking. Nose piece helps create a secure fit.


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