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If you ain't crocin' you ain't rockin'. Look, once we jumped on the Croc train, we were having a lot of trouble finding cute witchy charms for them. So in true LMC nature, we made them! The "Garden Magick" set features 7 tiny garden dwelling creatures designed in bright pink and green. Jujubee the Gnome and Gardenia the Fairy would love to live on your shoe. Grab the whole set or collect them individually!

WITCH ESSENTIALS: JUJUBEE THE GNOME 1" GARDENIA THE FAIRY .5" MUSHROOM 1" SNAIL 1" MOON WATER CAN 1" BELLADONNA FLOWER 1" SNAKE 1.5" All rights reserved Lady Moon Co.® original designs *Our charms are meant to fit official Croc shoes. We are not responsible for off brand ill fitting size holes, or use after purchase (charms falling off due to use or improper installation)* * rubber charms * fits adult croc holes * for toddler sized crocs trimming the rubber maybe necessary to fit

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