2 Sections Snack Container Stainless Steel by Bits Kits

Bits Kits

Make snack time and lunch time stress-free with bits kits stainless steel bento boxes and condiment containers, perfect for children and adults on-the-go! Food stays put where it's supposed to - no more jumbled lunchboxes! 100% food-safe, made of 18/8 grade stainless steel, this dual compartment bento box is perfect for a salad and half sandwich, dry foods, proteins, fruits and vegetables. Pair it with the set of 3 bits kits condiment containers, which are great for sauces and dressings. They make convenient meal prep containers and maintain portion control. These re-usable to-go containers reduce your carbon footprint by re-using daily for lunch and snacks on-the-go, and put a stop to wasting zipper-lock plastic baggies.

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