Exhalted Tarot Reading with Kristina of Cultivating Luminescence


Saturday, February 11th 

8 sessions available, select your time slot when booking / have a lover, partner, friend join for an additional $10 (addition payment due at time of session) 

Pisces is the sign a water sign and in astrology water means emotion. It's the oldest sign in the zodiac and is attached to fish swimming in opposite directions. Fish need water like Pisces people need to connect through emotion. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. When venus is in the sign of pisces it is called exaltation. The energy they both create is heighten and there is harmony between them. It's a good time to check in with feelings, soul mates/ loved ones and to add more beauty and love into your life.

During these readings I will offer the reading of Tarot from a selected deck. Each reading will be approximately 25 minutes. The lighting of one of my candles from my line will be available during the readings at your request.

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