Rainbow Colorado Flag by Flags For Good

🏴 3' x 4.5' Rainbow Colorado flag with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying. Most state flags suck. So we are doing something about it.

✍️ The Design: For our "Better State Flag" series, the Colorado Flag was already 98% there. The ONLY thing that has always bugged me with Colorado's State Flag was that the tips of the "C" didn't match up with the white stripe. So with that small fix, we have our "Better Colorado Flag". Add a rainbow, boom, the most fabulous Colorado flag you ever saw.

🧵 Our flags are durable 200D polyester (most flags you'll find on the internet are cheap ~75D). In our testing, we selected 200D as the perfect flag material; anything heavier doesn't fly well and the "back" doesn't get enough ink, anything lighter feels cheap and wont last very long.

🖨 ↩️ We print this flag as a one-sided print and make sure that the back has ample (around 90%) bleed-through.

🌏 Created and shipped in the most Earth-conscious way we can.

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