Not A Basic Bitch Key Tag - by Honest AF Cards

Honest AF Key Tags make great gifts for friends, family and coworkers! Details: - Black with white engraved text - Microsurfaced Acrylic - Measures about 2 inches long x 0.75 inches wide x 1/8" thick - Attached 1" Nickel Key Ring - Plain white back - Packaged in small plastic retail hang bag - Designed by V. Starling for Honest AF Cards Copyright © Verna Starling All Rights Reserved


Honest AF cards are created by V. Starling: Frustrated with greeting cards that are full of poetic shit I'd never say, I started Honest AF Cards after creating and sending a card to a friend that simply read: "You're So Fucking Awesome!" He loved it and the journey of Honest AF Cards began. With the sole purpose of simple, honest, often obscene, but funny messages, Honest AF Cards are unique. Those who know me, know I rarely bite my tongue! When I create my cards, I'm giving myself permission to just be me! My inspiration mostly comes from things I say to people I know, but I am also inspired by family and friends. I love how even people who are a bit more conservative really get a laugh out of my cards! The feedback from buyers locally and worldwide has been so amazing! My cards are simple and honest as f--k! No flowers. No balloons. No BS. Just words.

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