The 'Round the World Sailing Race

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In 2015, the fast-paced and high-stakes Volvo Ocean Race was making one of its eleven international stops in Newport, Rhode Island. Realizing that the route would take the sea-weary sailors directly past the storied "House on a Rock" (otherwise known as Clingstone), our client and friend of the skipper of Team Alvimedica booked the house for two weeks and invited his closest group of friends to witness the once in a lifetime occurrence.

The invitation suite included a nautical map of Newport, a world map that marked the eleven international ports, a foil-stamped photo booklet featuring photos and info about the race, the team and the house to excite and inspire the guests; a few letterpress cards with schedules and itineraries complete with tiny envelopes, and of course, a suite like this could not be delivered in anything less than a hand-stitched sailcloth envelope, made from the same high-end sail cloth that the pros rely on to carry their vessels across the treacherous seas. 

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