Ladyfingers Letterpress is an international stationery brand that believes in standing up, giving back, and taking naps! As a Queer and Trans-led multi-national conglomerate (jk!), you better believe that the things we make and the spaces we create are here to do & make good in the world. Our aim is for people to feel safe, seen and celebrated.


Our products that we design and print in-house are available through our website, at our two locations in Colorado Springs, and at over 1,000 stores around the world.


Our website makes available the same inventory we carry in our stores to a wider audience.





We believe there is always work to be done when it comes to fighting injustices and shaping a world we want to be part of. We will continue to learn, share, advocate and support - this will be the basis for all our decisions and offerings.


We are here because our community supports, nurtures and inspires us. We seek and make opportunities for others to thrive and grow. We will envision and build new systems and ways to do this while inviting others to join us in this work. Here are ways that we have and will continue to demonstrate this value.


We know that making real, positive change can't happen on an empty tank. Building inclusive community, and caring for each other and ourselves is necessary for the long-term vibrancy and viability of change. We seek joy and look for every opportunity to create and share it with others in our business.



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