Our Clients' Stories

Marcus and Joey Leather Envelope Letterpress Wedding Invitation"It was important to choose vendors that were inclusive during our wedding planning. Ladyfingers Letterpress was recommended by our wedding planner as a bespoke wedding stationer. The whole process was amazing, from planning sessions to final products. After our initial meetings, Arley and Morgan were able to capture our disparate ideas and create a suite of products that were unique, well designed, and exactly what we wanted even if we couldn’t verbalize that in the beginning. They went above and beyond in creating our invitations Including many trips to procure the perfect supplies for our complicated design. They even created custom monograms for each of us that were used on our thank you notes as well as a surprise embroidered handkerchief for our wedding day. Our guests still talk about our wedding today including how unexpected our invitations were. Arley and Morgan really took the time to get to know us and our personal style and were able to blend them into a beautifully cohesive wedding stationery package." (Photography by Kelly Guenther Studio) 
-Marcus G.



Wayfarer Chapel Laser Cut Letterpress Wedding Invitation"Ladyfingers letterpress captured pure magic in my Save the Dates, Invitations and Baby Shower Invitations. They paired laser cutting, letterpress and foil in ways I never thought possible! They are true artists and artisans! I’ve experienced nothing but exceptional customer service. If you are looking for a one of a kind, innovative invitation, look no further."
-Ariel J.



Palm Springs Save the Date "We knew we wanted something different- we wanted to enjoy the often dreaded wedding planning process any chance we could. And we knew that meant we needed the right support. It was so important to us that all the ways we’d document this moment in our lives, really represent our style, our humor and how deeply we cared for one another. And Rich cared DEEPLY about the invitations. Not many elements of planning sparked his interest but as an art school grad and a huge fan of Arley and Morgan’s Ladyfingers work, he was in his element and in the greatest hands(or fingers?).  We felt so supported every step of the way. They took the time to get to know us over phone calls and FaceTimes, to hear our love story and understand our vision while bringing their own creativity and artistry to create something that was everything we’d hoped for and so much more.


Palm Springs Wedding Invitation Laser Cut Mountains We were married at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs and they managed to include the iconic wall design in the invitation along with the colors we associated with our time in the desert and its spectacular sunsets and mountain views. The desert was a special place for us. It was our escape from our LA grind and it embodied where we were in our lives at the time. It was fun, romantic and easy. It held our hopes, our dreams, and comforted us with mountain views that Arley and Morgan also managed to include. We still look back on these invitations from time to time and they transport us back there. Back to head-over-heels young love and the most magical weekend that started it all." (Photography by Betsy Winchell)
-Tara R.



Adam and Asher Wedding Invitation "Collaborating with Ladyfingers Letterpress was a wonderful guided experience that left a lasting impression on us. When we began the journey of creating wedding invitations, we knew we wanted something bespoke - invitations that not only conveyed a bit about us as a couple but also captured the essence of our story. However, we were at a loss for where to start.

Morgan and Arley provided us with a structured approach that made the creative process both fun and meaningful. Their prompts were instrumental in drawing out our passions and allowing us to explore our desires for the invitations. Through their guidance, we were able to whittle down the long list of inspirations to determine what was truly important to us, and what message we wanted the final product to convey.

As a designer myself, I am always on the lookout for clear ways to communicate goals and expectations to clients. I remember this one page document they shared as a part of the presentation of our design options that really stood out to me. At the top, it exclaimed, "OMG OMG OMG" and the document outlined what we were looking at, what we could expect in the next steps, and the distinction between revisions and a complete redesign. It struck the perfect balance between being blunt and reassuring which, looking back, was so important and helpful in guiding us through an emotionally saturated design process.

Morgan and Arley possess a unique talent for translating your ideas into designs that reflect your essence. The final results exceeded our expectations, and we now cherish these pieces as key keepsakes from our wedding. A decade later, we still look back on our collaboration with Ladyfingers Letterpress with immense gratitude and fond memories. They not only delivered exceptional wedding invitations but also created an experience that will forever be a treasured part of our journey together."
-Asher D.



Ben and Grace Flower Farm Wedding Letterpress Invitations "My wife and I cannot express how incredibly lovely and special it was to have had the opportunity to work with Ladyfingers Letterpress. They created an absolutely unreal set of invitations for our wedding. The balance of their attention to detail, communication about our wishes and ideas, and the final execution was just perfect. Arley and Morgan listened to us, what makes us happy and brings us together, and translated that to beautiful and specific imagery. 10/10 would get married again just to have another chance to work with these wonderful folks."
-Ben L.



Clayton Lew Letterpress Teal Triangle Birth Announcement "As a long time fan of Arley's uniquely beautiful handlettering and the signature style of Ladyfingers Letterpress, the birth of our first born was the perfect reason to reach out and work together. And it was truly a collaboration! After the first conversation to chat about general ideas, I felt totally at ease leaving the design to Ladyfingers. I was so pleased when I saw the drafts - they truly captured our family's personality while also infusing the design with excitement, energy and just the right amount of whimsy. And they even put a modern spin on the traditional Chinese Red Egg and Ginger party invites we sent out to debut our little one. They provided guidance about layout, color combinations, paper weights and types, and coordinating envelopes. These two are true artists and the final results were beyond our expectations.

During the chaotic and too early birth of our second baby, I was in communication with Morgan and Arley while also balancing time in the NICU. They made it happen again and captured our preemie baby's resilient spirit in the announcement's design. The process was again completely worry free, which we really appreciated during such a stressful time. Years later, we know the designs are super special because we see our birth announcements still proudly on display whenever we visit friends and family. The care and consideration were evident throughout the process of working together, and not only are they talented and communicative, but they are easily two of the kindest people on the planet. Working with Ladyfingers Letterpress was simply a delight, and resulted in unique and meaningful pieces of art we will treasure as keepsakes for years to come."
-Michaela Y.



Terry Richardson and Alex Bolotow Taos Wedding Invitation"Even before I was planning a wedding, I knew that I wanted my invitations made by Ladyfingers Letterpress, having been the recipient of some of their beautiful and unique invitations in the past. Working with Arley and Morgan was an intimate and really wonderful experience. I had a really rambling and chaotic moodboard that they were able to translate into physical objects that represented everything I hoped for my celebration. The result was a tactile and visual feast utilizing a myriad of materials each with their own beauty and playfulness. The only downside was that the invitations were so amazing that nearly everyone RSVP'd 'yes' which necessitated some seat shuffling. I cannot recommend Ladyfingers enough. They are creative and practical, in addition to being beacons of light in their Colorado Springs community. I have always hung on to the invitations that Arley and Morgan created for my wedding- honestly, they've held up better than my marriage did!"
-Alex B.



60th Birthday Invitation Franklin Park Conservatory"After working with Arley and Morgan for our Save the Dates and Wedding Invitation Suite, we knew all future special family events could only be made more meaningful with the creative design and familiar warmth of Ladyfingers Letterpress. In 2016, to commemorate the 60th birthday of my mom, we hosted a fairytale worthy garden party at the iconic Franklin Park Conservatory, a longtime family favorite location. Since the place itself was integral to the celebration, we wondered if some of the famous building could be incorporated? The resulting design was nothing short of captivating! The Conservatory was beautifully rendered in all its glass and gilded age glory in a royal purple befitting our family's Queen. All accompanying floral iconography depicted sprays and clusters of dogwood flowers, our family's symbol for my late father. Being able to weave his presence into our event was tremendously meaningful to all of us and a gift unto itself. We cherish our bespoke design as a new family heirloom. Our gratitude to Arley, Morgan, and everyone at Ladyfingers Letterpress cannot be overstated!" (Photography by Rebekah Flory Photography) 
-Emily S.



Cozy Cabin Letterpress Wedding Invitation“When my partner and I were preparing for our wedding, we were determined to make our save-the-date cards and wedding invitations feel authentic to who we are. We knew we wanted to work with Ladyfingers Letterpress, as we had heard so many great things about the incredible work of Arley and Morgan. The experience of working with them was amazing! During our first meeting, they made us feel so at home and took the time to explain the letterpress process to us. I was moved by the fact that they invested time to get to know us and even included our senior rescue dogs in the design! When we shared our invitations with our friends and family, everyone was blown away by the level of detail and personalization. To this day, we lovingly display our invitations in our home and often recommend Ladyfingers Letterpress to anyone looking for unique, hand-crafted invitations. Arley and Morgan are truly a joy to work with—they understand the importance of capturing the essence of the people they work with in their designs."
-Keri D.



Jeremy Mickel and Joe Waechter Wedding Invitation"Arley and Morgan are the best! They made our wedding invitation dreams come true, offering an unbelievable level of creativity and no-nonsense know-how every step of the way. I only wish we had given them less feedback and just let them run wild with their ideas even more!"
-Jeremy M.



"I can not speak highly enough of my truly bespoke experience creating a one-of-a-kind 30th birthday party invitation with the talented team at Ladyfingers Letterpress. Having fallen in love with letterpress as a student worker reshelving books in the rare books room at my University's library, finding a printer to work with was a bit daunting when it came to invitations for my BIG 3-0. How thrilled I was to find Ladyfingers and their amazing presses which date back to the early 1900's(!). What I did not expect at the onset of this project was what wonderful collaborators Arley, Morgan, and their entire team would be. They are warm and intuitive collaborators who get to know their clients deeply, which informs their designs. Right out of the gate, they produced a wonderful layout, and we could have easily been done there and then with v 1.0. However, they encouraged me to be thoughtful and provide feedback, and after a few more versions we finalized a design that I was absolutely over the moon with, and so were my guests. People still talk about how exciting it was to receive the cards and envelopes in the mail... On the subject of the envelopes, one of the most special surprises in the design process was their incorporation of the very same paisley print motif that was in the fabric liner of the suit I would wear on my birthday, into the mailing envelope's liner. That little touch felt "just for me" and demonstrated the above-and-beyond approach that Ladyfingers takes in each of their client projects. You will love the whimsical creative journey of working with them on a project. Take the plunge... I am so very glad that I did."
-Rob G.



Emily Steinhour and Mike Singer Arizona Desert Wedding Suite"In early 2013 while searching for one of a kind vendors, creatives, and generally good folks to work with for our wedding events, our planner turned friend asked what we thought of letterpress - Only the best, most luxurious stationery there is! As a lifelong fan of paper, having unique letterpress invitations would be an absolute dream. Although we couldn't know it at the time, becoming clients of Ladyfingers Letterpress would be much grander, much more fulfilling of a human connection than the tangibles of even the finest paper goods. 

Arley and Morgan warmly welcomed us to their Rhode Island studio, had a beautiful array of samples and possibilities, but where the magic lived was their sincere interest in our lives, in what we wanted to capture in our suite, and in who and what mattered to us. We gushed over Southern Arizona, our serendipitous meeting at a biological research station in a remote mountain range, and a strong desire to represent our love of place to all our friends and family. We wanted our invited guests to feel just how special the Sonoran Desert was to our meeting and our lives. What was created for us encapsulated all those feelings and more. We were absolutely mesmerized!  

Our Save the Date featured a one side photo, one side letterpress, depicting us at the farm venue location, an impossible green under impossibly blue skies with a charismatic mountain backdrop. The Sonoran Desert is verdant and filled with life. They captured this essence perfectly!

The Wedding Invitation Suite was even more astonishing. Arley deftly and artistically illustrated our favorite desert wildflower to thematically tie all the pieces. He even created a custom map for guests to easily, and beautifully, find their way from the nearest large airport over a landscape of spotty cell reception. Morgan had the brilliant color vision to suggest a single ombre palette so all printing was reminiscent of a fiery, big sky sunset. The finished suite was not only the most exquisite invitations we had ever seen, but was equally lauded by our guests. For some folks who simply couldn't make the trip, having such a special invitation conveyed how important they were to us, even if their physical presence wasn't possible. 

The very best part though was coming into the orbit of the wonderful humans of Ladyfingers Letterpress. In the intervening years we've only continued to be more and more certain partnering with people who share your values enriches and enhances all aspects of the most meaningful times in our lives. We are forever grateful!" (Photography by Courtney Sargent Photography)
-Emily S.



Foil Stamped Holiday Card"Morgan and Arley are wonderful! The holiday cards we made with them (2020, 2021) were creative, unique, and of wonderful quality. The whole experience was made easy from start to finish through both email drafts and good communication. Even though we did the projects long distance, as we live in the Midwest, it worked out perfectly. Some of my favorite details include the fonts, textures, and intentionality behind the layout when using multiple photos. I felt that Morgan and Arley gave great advice and were able to draw from their wells of experience to contribute to the very best holiday cards. I have made holiday cards with the help of many companies over the last 28 years, and I would definitely create something with Ladyfingers Letterpress again. Further, I would strongly encourage all of us to support their phenomenal work and practice in community engagement!"
-Julie E.



Cary and Amy Letterpress Wedding Invitation"Working with Ladyfingers Letterpress was hands down the most enjoyable part of planning our wedding. The day we received that wooden box full of the skillfully made invitations I still remember quite fondly. Having a customized work of art to send far and wide to commemorate our special day was a truly magical and meaningful experience."
-Cary L.



Elizabeth Wood Gabriel Nussbaum Letterpress Wedding Invitation"Arley and Morgan were the first people we worked with on our wedding. In fact, their fabulous invitation design inspired the look and feel of the entire celebration! They are the most LOVELY people to work with, had MILLIONS of ideas, and have exquisite artisan design skills (letter pressing, graphic design, art, etc) that make their work really stand out from the norm. Their creations are pure works of art. People are still raving about our invitations and I will work with Arley and Morgan from now on whenever I need any beautiful visual created. They are truly gems, and certainly add to the excitement of a wedding. I would recommend them HIGHLY to ANYONE."
-Liz W.



Fox Letterpress Baby Announcement"I ADORED working with LL back in the day. The birth announcement was just the sweetest most wonderful token to remember Jaybird's arrival. I can even think of a few wedding invites you did that still knock my socks off! My favorite part was when I'd bring a client to you with a small tiny glimpse of an idea and y'all would run with it and make it into the most creative, rad and exceptionally unique product just for the client! I was always in awe of how you never really reused concepts but that everything was so custom and curated to the client. There is so much talent at LL, it was always an honor to work with you!"
-Jessie B.



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