Policies and FAQ


Ladyfingers Letterpress is dedicated to using humor, honesty, art and design to connect humans to one another. As a queer-owned and operated business, we are committed to conducting our business in the same ethical and socially-engaged tone as the products we manufacture and sell. 




Below is our criteria for accepting and presenting goods and products sold in our storefront and online store.


All artists/companies/makers must meet the following criteria:

-Does this artist/company/maker and/or product embrace the values of LFLP?

-Is this artist/company/maker actively anti-racist?

-Does this artist/company/maker conduct business in an ethical and socially/environmentally conscious manner?

-Is the product generated from a genuine and culturally-appropriate source? 


Additional criteria to be considered:

-Is this artist/company/maker someone who is BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or otherwise marginalized? 

-Can this product be sourced within our city or state instead of nationally or internationally?

-Is this product something that is not available for sale in other local retail outlets? (Applies to our storefront only.)

-Will this product offer new perspectives, present the voices of marginalized communities, and/or offer new insight to our community?

-What is the scale of the company? (We prioritize ordering from artists/companies/makers where the majority of the profits directly pay the artist or maker. Whenever possible, we will order directly from the maker rather than from a large company where the maker sees only a small fraction of the sale price of the item.)

-Is the voice of the artist/company/maker underrepresented in our community and/or industry?

-Does the artist/company/maker donate a portion of sales to causes and charities that align with the values of LFLP?

-Can our community visit our storefront or online shop and find something that reflects their race, religion, ethnicity, family, gender expression or sexual orientation in our product offering?

-Will this product delight, inspire, and empower our community and encourage human connection?




When will my order ship?

Online shop orders are typically processed between 2-3 business days. Please contact us if you have any questions.


What type of shipping will give me a Tracking Number?

Good question! First Class Mail will NOT provide a tracking number. If tracking your shipment is important to you, please select Priority Shipping at checkout.


Will you ship my international order? 

Yes, we would love to.  There will be customs/duties fees that are your responsibly.  During checkout your shipping options will appear.


What about sales tax?

All prices are in U.S. dollars. We are located in Colorado, and will collect sales tax on all items shipped or sold within the state.  Sales tax is not collected on shipping expenses. 


I would like to see your products in person, where can I find them?

Visit us at our Flagship Store in Colorado Springs, CO, or check out our list of awesome stationery and gift shops across the country and a few overseas that carry our work. Buy local!


Ship-to Address 

Help the ladies out! Please be sure to include your correct shipping address in the checkout process. Why? Well, we will only ship the address listed as the shipping address, this protects you and us! 




We here at Ladyfingers Letterpress enjoy using the fine art of hand-lettering to make your custom name and/or address especially unique. Since hand-lettering is a product of the human hand, please be aware that there will be some variation in the style of the font. We cannot guarantee that your hand-lettering will perfectly match the sample pictured on our website letter-for-letter, but we can guarantee that the digital proof that we share with you will be the actual design on your final rubber stamp. 



Upon receipt of your order, we hand-letter your designs and email you a digital proof within 3 business days (that means Monday though Friday, no holidays my dears). Once the design is approved, we begin with production which should take around 2-3 weeks. The faster you approve your design, the faster your order from Ladyfingers Letterpress will arrive!


Approve the Digital Proof

When the design is finalized, we will send you a digital proof (in Adobe PDF format) which you must approve before the job goes to production. This proof is provided to ensure that we have your information correct. It is not a redesign of the product.  If additional revisions are needed, see the revisions section below.


You accept responsibility for proofing

Your approval of the digital proof also confirms that Ladyfingers Letterpress will not be liable for any typographical, spelling or design errors. Changes after approval but prior to the press run will be allowed for a Revision Fee.


Revision Fee

The revision fee is $75.00 per pdf proof after the first complimentary proof. 




Please note that we are not taking any new clients at this time. 




Your work looks hand-lettered. Is that a computer font, or is it really done by hand? 

Good eye! Yes, we here at Ladyfingers Letterpress enjoy using the fine art of hand-lettering to make everything extra special. If you would like to see Arley-Rose in action, follow us on Instagram or sign up for one of our Hand-Lettering Classes!


Can you print my design for me? 

We only print our own designs at Ladyfingers Letterpress! But we happen to know some great folks who do great work: Sapling Press, Mama's Sauce and DWRI Letterpress. Please let them know we sent you!


I'd really love to work for Ladyfingers Letterpress, are you hiring? 

Not currently! But check back again if we find ourselves unable to go on without you. 




Working on a story? Need some photos of our work? 

Please email us at info(at)ladyfingersletterpress.com, we are always happy to hear from you!




All purchases made though the online shop will be processed though PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You can use any Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card for checkout. 

Please be sure your current contact information is updated during the checkout process. If we need to contact you, the right email address will help us! Prefer a friendly phone call? Add your number too. 


All copyright is wholly owned and reserved by Ladyfingers Letterpress. All designs are exclusive and original to Ladyfingers Letterpress and are protected by copyright law. It is an offense to steal in whole or in part any of the designs, calligraphy, layout, or illustrations created by Ladyfingers Letterpress. 

It is illegal to reproduce any design, layout or illustration without express permission from Ladyfingers Letterpress. Modification and/or reuse of stationery for other occasions/uses is prohibited. Ladyfingers Letterpress holds ownership and copyright on all designs. 

You agree that Ladyfingers Letterpress reserves the right to document and advertise the work we have generated for you. This includes presenting the finished designs on our website, or advertising through social media websites. 

Nothing stated on the website shall be considered a binding agreement on us 

We are not obligated to accept any job, and our refund of your payment at our discretion will release us from any further obligation to you whatsoever. We reserve the right to correct typographic and other errors. 


All designs ©2017 Ladyfingers Letterpress, Inc.