The Light Within Me Print for Cultivating Luminescence


The sale of these prints will directly fund the development and rebranding stages of Cultivating Luminescence, a Colorado Springs-based small business owned and operated by Kristina Henderson.

We've been working with Kristina since October of 2020 by selling her incredible one-of-a-kind candles through our retail channels while helping her navigate the challenges that small business owners face when experiencing (well-deserved!) rapid growth. Please check out our instagram series that feature the story behind this project to learn more. 

These posters are 12" x 12" in size and letterpress printed on 110lb Crane's Lettra Paper. Hand lettered by Arley Torsone and printed by Morgan Calderini of Ladyfingers Letterpress. 

Think of these prints as souvenirs of the donation you will make towards funding the development of Cultivating Luminescence. Simply select the size of your donation and enter the quantity of prints you would like to receive in the field below.

We also have several other items that are part of this fundraising effort that can be found in the Cultivating Luminescence collection, or feel free to toss a coin into the tip jar at checkout. 100% of all tips go towards investing in BIPOC +/or women-owned small businesses through our Small Business Mentorship Program. Right now, all tips are being directed towards Cultivating Luminescence and helping Kristina reach the next stages of her small business dream. Thank you for investing in BIPOC +/or women-owned small businesses!

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