Nothing About Us Without Us Poster (Set of 15)

Ladyfingers Letterpress

15 offset printed 11” x 17” posters, sold online only in sets of 15 for shipping economy. 

Made in Colorado.

Through the end of March 2023 all sales of this print will be given to Club Q employees and contractors.  

We stand with Club Q employees and contractors. Join us in supporting them in their demands.

Help remind them they are not alone in raising up their voices in organizing together. While we wish they didn’t have to, let us all recognize that even within marginalized communities there are issues of power, wealth, class, privilege, race and transphobia that play out within relationships and business interactions.

We designed this new print in support of their efforts and as a reminder to us all that decisions that impact people must include them. We will have prints ready next week in-store by donation. All donations (and online sales) of this print through the end of March will be given to the employees of Club Q (read their statement above). We leave it to them to distribute the funds in a manner which they have agreed upon and as they have asked for. We have their permission to do so.

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