Reproductive Freedom Print

Ladyfingers Letterpress

 When they gut access to reproductive healthcare, we go, “LET’S MAKE SOME PRINTS!” 

Let’s use what we have to STAND UP!

It can be overwhelming to think about what we all can do and how we do it. You don’t have to do it all, in fact, we’ve found that it’s better to do the thing you’re good at and share it with others. Whenever it feels like too much we lean on the things we know. We ask ourselves, “What do we have to offer?” We are makers, drawers, printers, and a community meeting place. What do you have to offer and in what sustainable way can you share that? It doesn’t have to be huge but what tools do you already possess that help you STAND UP? 


“The work continues,” as our pal @newlightspress has printed. Let’s be together, support one another, and remind ourselves to rest when we need to.

Additional Details:

12" by 14", silkscreen printed in neon red ink on heavy weight paper.  

*Each print is individually hand printed. Variations in color may apply.* 

Hand printed in the USA.

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