Below is our criteria for accepting and presenting goods and products sold in our storefront and online store.


All artists/companies/makers must meet the following criteria:

-Does this artist/company/maker and/or product embrace the values of LFLP?

-Is this artist/company/maker actively anti-racist?

-Does this artist/company/maker conduct business in an ethical and socially/environmentally conscious manner?

-Is the product generated from a genuine and culturally-appropriate source? 


Additional criteria to be considered:

-Is this artist/company/maker someone who is BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or otherwise marginalized? 

-Can this product be sourced within our city or state instead of nationally or internationally?

-Is this product something that is not available for sale in other local retail outlets? (Applies to our storefront only.)

-Will this product offer new perspectives, present the voices of marginalized communities, and/or offer new insight to our community?

-What is the scale of the company? (We prioritize ordering from artists/companies/makers where the majority of the profits directly pay the artist or maker. Whenever possible, we will order directly from the maker rather than from a large company where the maker sees only a small fraction of the sale price of the item.)

-Is the voice of the artist/company/maker underrepresented in our community and/or industry?

-Does the artist/company/maker donate a portion of sales to causes and charities that align with the values of LFLP?

-Can our community visit our storefront or online shop and find something that reflects their race, religion, ethnicity, family, gender expression or sexual orientation in our product offering?

-Will this product delight, inspire, and empower our community and encourage human connection?


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