The Commissioned Experience

Whether you have a vision for invitations that have never been done before, or want to work closely with wedding paper professionals who can do that for you, Ladyfingers Letterpress brings innovation, originality and service to every invitation and announcement. Our Commissioned Invitations offer a level of creativity that is only matched by the quality of our craftsmanship.


The First Date (sorta) 
We commit to a few Commissioned Invitations each year to be able to devote the needed time and attention to each project. Let us know when you are getting married and how we can contact you via our Handy Form and we’ll be in touch shortly by email to coordinate what comes next. 
The Introduction
We begin with an in-person or virtual meeting to get to know you and your partner. What are the particular pieces that can help us craft an invitation suite that is truly yours and a reflection of the two of you? This is your chance to tell us stories, divulge your hopes and dreams, and share your ideas. No ask is too big nor too small—believe me, we’ve heard it all! 
The Brainstorm
We take the notes from our conversation to the drawing board and create a comprehensive approach that encompasses both your needs and desires. Included is a rough sketch outlining how your wedding information will be presented as well as the materials and processes that we anticipate we’ll use to create your suite. Are we laser-cutting a custom fold-out lantern for an invite? Are we hand-sewing individual envelopes made of leather? These are the kinds of decisions presented in this phase. Once we decide on these sizes, materials and processes, we’ll be able to create an estimate.
The Estimate
Based on the conversations we have during the brainstorming stage, we’ll assemble an estimate that reads like a menu. We’ll outline each item and give you options like number of inks for each piece and the thickness of paper. It is yet another opportunity to hone in on the specificity of your suite. Once the estimate has been finalized, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due. Our Commissioned projects begin at $5,000 with a majority of our projects ranging between $7,000 and $20,000.
The Calendar
We create and share a timeline that outlines the dates of our deliverables, so you know when you can expect to see designs, when we’ll need to hear feedback from you, and when you can expect your invitations to arrive in your hands. Typically, it takes us 2 weeks to create your initial designs, with an overall timeline of about 12 weeks to create your suite from start to finish, depending on your needs. Rush services can be implemented based on availability.
The Designs
It’s time to see your incredible designs! We craft two different bespoke designs that address your vision in two ways. We focus on the invitation first, as it as the star of the suite that sets the tone and style of how the other elements will look. Sometimes we will include other details if they are pertinent to the overall scope of the suite. Once we hear back which design you prefer, you’ll receive a complimentary round of revisions (if needed) to make it perfect. We’ll then take that style and apply it to the remaining pieces of your suite. The suite as a whole is then presented, and a complimentary round of revisions to the new pieces is provided. On the rare occasion that the designs don’t make you fall out of your seat with excitement, we offer the opportunity to create a fresh new design with its own complimentary set of revisions for a fee. 
The Production
Our Colorado Springs-based team sets into action as your designs leave the screen and enter the real world! Every piece of your suite is passed through the caring hands of experienced craftspeople as we work to bring your designs to life. We utilize letterpress, foil stamping, die cutting, laser-cutting, and other processes that may be required to fabricate the suite of your dreams. If your invitations necessitate a process that we don’t provide in-house, we work with a vetted team of professionals to get the job done. Each invitation is then fully assembled and ready to be delivered to your guests, so no need to worry about applying wax seals or stuffing envelopes. Calligraphy services are available and we can handle your guest list and coordinate the addressing of your suites. In our thirteen years of making invitations, we’ve treated each suite as we would our own, with a discerning eye and a steady hand to ensure the highest level of quality and care. 
The Arrival
Local pickup is available if you are close by and want to see the birthplace of your invites! If we are shipping the entirety of your project to you, we carefully package your invitations. Each package is insured, labeled as fragile and will require a signature for delivery. Once your invitations arrive to you, have a handkerchief ready, because you’ll need it.

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