Wholesale Rubber Stamp FAQ

Thank you for ordering a Custom Rubber Stamp from Ladyfingers Letterpress!

We here at Ladyfingers Letterpress enjoy using the fine art of hand-lettering to make your return address especially unique. Since hand-lettering is a product of the human hand, please be aware that there will be some variation in the style of the font. We cannot guarantee that your hand-lettering will perfectly match the sample pictured on our website letter-for-letter, but we can guarantee that the digital proof that we share with you will be the actual design on your final rubber stamp.

  • Our minimum order requirement does not apply to rubber stamps
  • The price per custom rubber stamp is $67.50 wholesale
  • We will process your payment when you submit your order


Your hand-lettered design will be emailed as a digital proof within three (3) business days (Monday–Friday; no holidays, dears). Once the design is approved, we start production and ship within 2-3 weeks. The faster you approve your design, the faster your box from Ladyfingers arrives!


Your proof is provided to ensure that we have your information written correctly. It is not a redesign of the product. If additional revisions are needed, there is a Revision Fee of $75.00.

Your approval of the digital proof also confirms that Ladyfingers Letterpress will not be liable for any typographical, spelling or design errors. Changes after approval but prior to the production will be allowed for a Revision Fee of $75.00. Changes requested after the stamp has been sent into production will require a reorder at the full price.


Please submit your order via: www.ladyfingersletterpress.com/rubberstamps

(please note that this is a hidden link and is not able to be reached using the navigation on our site.)

Questions? Call: (401) 523-3087 or email wholesale@ladyfingersletterpress.com


All Ladyfingers Letterpress Inc. stamps are copyrighted designs for personal, non-commercial use subject to the terms of this Agreement. Any commercial use is in violation of this agreement and actionable under state, federal, and United States Copyright Law. Ladyfingers Letterpress Inc. grants a limited license to the original purchaser for personal, non-commercial use only. Reproduction, redistribution or resale of Ladyfingers Letterpress Inc. stamps and designs is expressly prohibited without written permission of Ladyfingers Letterpress Inc.. Stamp impressions may not be copied, scanned or reproduced by means other than the stamps themselves. Ladyfingers Letterpress Inc. reserves all rights not expressly granted by the terms of this agreement.


“Hey, this customer just started a soap business and wants to use your stamp on their packaging, is that ok?”

Sorry, but no. As stated above in our copyright clause, our custom rubber stamps are for personal use only. No part of our design can be used for commercial uses such as packaging, marketing, branding, etc. But we’d be happy to speak with them to come up with some designs and packaging solutions that they can use!

“But what about the stamp you made for me that has my store’s address on it?”

If you were one of the lucky few who placed an order at the National Stationery Show and ordered a stamp with your store’s address on it, firstly: thanks for your order! And secondly, we invite you to stamp your envelopes with it! Stamp away!

“Can you just make a stamp of my logo?”

Eh, we could, but it would probably be cheaper for you to find a company online who just fabricates stamps based on an existing design.