Hawaiian Poster with Pockets Invitation

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As lovers of paper and stationery, Janie and David wanted to incorporate the idea of a love letter into the design for the invitation. We started with a beautiful map from the year 1794. We wanted to use something that was was historic and it turns out our printshop is down the street from a small map shop. We called and they had a map of Hawaii! It was so breathtaking and since its design was within the public domain, all we had to do was some color separation and it was ready to be offset printed in four colors! The actual invitation is printed on the back of the map, which is folded and serves as the vehicle for all of the other invitations pieces to travel within. The response card is a Mad Lib for guests and includes questions such as “dancing sandal size.” The travel details are printed on a tiny sunshine yellow card are tucked in a gray envelope mounted on a much larger card declaring “A New Adventure Starts Here.” Each invitation was folded with its accompanying pieces and wrapped in ribbon from Carta Inc., wax sealed with a heart, and stuffed in a gold envelope lined with wave patterned liners.
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